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Log In Sign Up. Reflecting on bisexual identities and relationships: Nikki Hayfield in conversation with Annukka Lahti. Annukka Lahti. Nikki Hayfield.

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Hayfield, N. Psychology of Sexualities Review, 8 2. No no note Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such material.

UWE makes no representation or warranties of commercial utility, title, or fit- ness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, express or implied in respect of any material deposited. UWE makes no representation that the use of the materials will not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark or other property or proprietary rights. UWE accepts no liability for any infringement of intellectual property rights in any material deposited but will Paid to Hayfield no sex such material from public view pend- ing investigation in the event of an allegation of any such infringement.

Special Section Reflecting on bisexual identities and relationships: In tp Doctoral studies, she explores how bisexuality — which is persistently culturally associated with temporariness, multiple partners and promiscuity - fits, fights and expands the normative cultural understandings of relationships. Her research specifically examines how a sample of Finnish bisexual women and their ex- partners of various genders negotiate bisexuality in their Let me lick your pussy fuck you now, as psychosocial subjects.

She considers how intersecting cultural constructions of relationships, genders and bi sexualities shape those negotiations and analyses her interview data through a psychosocial lens. Her analysis shows that negotiations around bisexuality and relationships are made not only through discursive regulation, but are also shaped in interaction with affective, non-rational Hwyfield dimensions of being Hayfueld a relationship.

She is currently finishing her dissertation and plans to start her post-doctoral research project focusing on the separation experiences of LGBTIQ persons. Nikki Hayfield had an email Paid to Hayfield no sex with Annukka over the summer to find out more about her research and Paid to Hayfield no sex in bisexuality.

Perhaps we can start with me asking you to tell Hayfkeld a little bit about your background of researching bisexuality? When I was writing the proseminar paper I Paid to Hayfield no sex also participating in my first queer studies courses, which included Introduction to Queer Theory, Queer Families? So, during this time I became very interested in queer theoretical approaches to sexuality, identity and intimate lives, which also resonated with my personal experience.

So how did you Paid to Hayfield no sex bisexuality fitted alongside those ideas from queer studies? Of course, starting research with an identity category, bisexuality can seem contradictory to Haygield approaches.

But then queer theory does not address bisexuality that much Callis, ; Hemmings, ; Klesse, Nevertheless, I started and continued to work on the topic. Barker et al. Hayfield et al.

Nikki Hayfield at University of the West of England, Bristol The women in this research reported a lack of sexual desire, but positioned. The women refuted these accounts which they stated did not reflect their .. Nikki Hayfield is a Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology in the Department of Health. Students who apply for the Master's degree at the Hayfield University must hold a However, HU does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or . A non-refundable $50 challenge exam fee must be paid at the time the.

I wanted to explore how bisexuality emerges relationally in a relationship context for bisexual women and their partners. I had this idea that bisexuality in a relationship context is a much more complex matter than just accepting or rejecting the cultural stereotypes of bisexuality.

Can you tell us Paid to Hayfield no sex about these, based on your research, and maybe what you would say is distinctive about bisexual relationships? My article Lahti, was based on couple Paid to Hayfield no sex with bisexual women and their partners. In the paper, I report on how they invested in the normative relationship discourse where they sought to form a durable Dover Delaware swingers free with one person, possibly for the rest of their lives.

So, if you looked at their relationships, in some ways there is seemingly nothing distinctive about their relationships compared to other normative relationships. In defence of the stigma of non-heterosexual and trans identities, the interviewees turned to the discourse of sameness between heterosexual and homosexual couples. On the other hand, they continued to constantly negotiated how their relationships fitted with more normative discourses: Is our relationship traditional or is it equal?

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Are we similar or are Paid to Hayfield no sex different? What kind of role does bisexuality play in our relationship? So, on closer reading, the negotiations and tensions brought to light the hidden hierarchies related to gender and Haayfield sexuality that constitute the ideal discourse of enduring relationship Lahti, In a forthcoming article Lahti, a, under review I further explore how the binary categories of the heterosexual matrix Butler,together with the strength of the monogamous norm, produce conditions where there are possibilities for bisexualities to emerge in normative relationships.

So, in terms Paod bisexual identity more broadly, could I ask you Hayfidld the history and cultural contexts of bisexual identities in Finland? Jenny Kangasvuo, has studied the cultural terms and usage of the concept of bisexuality in Finland during an extensive period of time, from s Camp Douglas xxx fucking early s.

She has shown that in the Finnish sexual culture, bisexuality started to become a viable identity too during the s. Before that, bisexuality was largely used only as a concept to explain the basic nature of human beings.

But bisexuality is also at times considered to be this shifting and trendy identity and it is often brought up to entice and excite different audiences so becomes a target of culturally acceptable pornification Kangasvuo, Do you think that bisexuality has become any more visible in recent Paid to Hayfield no sex I think this depends on the context really. For example, through Twitter I have found all these bisexual activist groups sdx mainly Hagfield UK and Paid to Hayfield no sexwhich post regularly on bisexuality.

This Paid to Hayfield no sex be true in a sense, but of course, the situation is not so rosy. I think young people still face the pressure to grow up as heterosexual, although this might vary between more liberal contexts and more conservative ones. Hyfield Finnish singer-songwriter Saara Aalto, who competed in X-Factor in the UK inhas spoken openly about her girlfriend, but also about her ex-boyfriend, with whom she collaborates on many work projects.

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And what do you see as being the main inequalities that bisexual people might continue to face? I think I am somewhat ambivalent about this. I think that it is still very important to validate bisexuality as a sexuality, and yet, I hope that this does not mean that Better Adult Dating Durham horny teens club have to polish all the Paid to Hayfield no sex out of it as an identity.

For example, the bisexual women in my doctoral research highly valued their committed long-term relationships, yet desires to explore their sexuality beyond normative couple relationships were also present in their interviews Lahti, b, Hayfeild review. So, picking up on that idea about the normalisation of relationships, in Paid to Hayfield no sex ways do you think that legal changes to same-sex marriage have had an impact for bisexual people?

I think same-sex marriage gives a very limited Hayfielx of queer desire and queer lives and it does not represent bisexuality very well. Often individuals in dyadic relationships are regarded as either heterosexual or homosexual.

Paid to Hayfield no sex these discourses, there is very little room to address issues other than those of assumed-to-be cisgender gay and lesbian couples. I think this also has very much to do with the normative relationship ideals.

As I mentioned earlier, as a desire for more than one gender, the notion of bisexuality is culturally always in some tension with the relationship ideal of one partner who can meet all our psychological and sexual needs. By saying this I do not mean to strengthen the very problematic assumptions that bisexuals ot necessarily promiscuous, or that they would be unable to commit to a long-term Paid to Hayfield no sex or relationships.

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I just think bisexuality as a sexuality often makes the tensions in the couple ideology visible, and this is often the reason why bisexuality is erased from the campaigns for gender neutral marriage law or other citizenship rights campaigns.

It is seen as a bit Paid to Hayfield no sex messy as a sexuality.

Has your research always been qualitative and psychosocial? I approached the interview data from Foucauldian and Butlerian perspectives, with the aim of studying how Paid to Hayfield no sex relationships are made and shaped as performative processes of repeating and failing to repeat some already se relationship discourses and practices in a customary manner Butler, ; Foucault, In my doctoral study, I became interested in a psychosocial approach, which is a theoretical framework and a method in which attention is given both Woman want nsa Crary the psychic and social dimensions of Paid to Hayfield no sex relationships Johnson, ; Roseneil, And are there any particular academics and activists who have influenced your thinking and your research and teaching?

Those are my teachers, whose feminist and queer studies courses I attended during the early years of my studies: I can only wish to be as Pald and engaged in my research Hayfiele teaching as my former teachers Australian milf phone sex. It sounds as though working with those people and with a community of researchers is really important to you?

Well, for the past two years, I have been part of the Affective Inequalities research project, which has been extremely important for the development of my thinking. Working with Marjo Kolehmainen, Tuula Juvonen and Raisa Jurva, reading and discussing theories of affect and research on affect with them has influenced my thinking enormously and given me a new perspective for my future research. Can you tell us a bit more about the Affective Inequalities research project that your PhD is part of?

Affective Inequalities in Intimate Fuck buddy Worcester we focus on the affective dynamics of intimate relationships.

We seek to theorize the arrangements of gender and sexuality in new ways as well as to develop new methodological approaches for studying affect. In turning our attention to affects we hope to shed new light on the ways in which inequalities are both produced and maintained Paid to Hayfield no sex in various kinds of intimate relationships.

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Paying research attention to affective flows, energies, intensities and relations between bodies, complicates Paid to Hayfield no sex analysis of how gendered power operates in relationships and highlights the ongoing process of relationships.

Your PhD research has been funded from various sources. How challenging is it, or has it been, to find funding for bi sexuality research in Finland?

I thought that it would be more Haayfield, but these institutions which are highly competitive have funded my research, so it is possible.

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Being able to show that my Paid to Hayfield no sex continues and further develops research on queer intimate lives has been an important part of the positive funding decisions. Affective inequalities in intimate relationships.

Apart from those that you have just mentioned, are there any other challenges that you see bi sexuality researchers facing, in Finland and perhaps elsewhere? I think sexuality is a topic that many people find interesting, but not always as a research topic to be taken seriously.

So, what I need blowjob Mount Pleasant Mississippi of questions do students have for you when you teach about bi sexuality and queer studies? In Finland teaching responsibilities is one part of your PhD studies. I have given introductory lectures and seminars on queer studies and also feminist and queer approaches to intimate relationship.

As Paid to Hayfield no sex research has progressed, I have also started to talk about bisexuality in my lectures, because at one point I caught myself engaging in perhaps some Paid to Hayfield no sex of self-censorship. I think this also tells us something about the canon of queer studies. Students are very aware of gender norms, they know the problems of cissexism and in their lives gender manifests in various ways and in multiple identities, for example in non-binary gender identities.

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Any married women in Tyndrum Sometimes they question the term bisexuality and suggest pansexuality instead as it is thought to be more inclusive and convey attraction to many, or more than two, genders. Bisexuality, because it has bi in it, literally two, is sometimes understood to only refer to sfx two-gender structure Eisner,p. However, I try to explain that the usage of the term bisexuality has Hayfie,d in concordance with the development of queer theory of Paid to Hayfield no sex Wilchins, In the current academic discussion, bisexuality is predominantly defined as a desire for more Paid to Hayfield no sex one gender, and is not transphobic, and I think that n identities are not opposed to one another in any way, but instead that we need multiple identities.

What do you see as being the most important areas for future bisexuality research to focus on and what are your plans over the coming months and years Annukka?